Algebra-1 Problems

1.8 Formulas

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Find the area in square inches of a triangle whose base (b) is 5 inches and whose height (h) is 9 feet using the formula Area = (1/2)*b*h. (Note: 1 foot is 12 inches).

\begin{equation}\frac{1}{2} \times 5 \times 12 \times 9\end{equation}


Find the surface area of a box in square feet using the formula S = 2(L*W + L*H + W*H) if L = 10 feet, W = 9 feet, and H = 9 feet.

\begin{equation}2 \times (10 \times 9+10 \times 9+9 \times 9)\end{equation}


Find the distance (d) in miles traveled by a person whose speed (r) is 7 miles/hour for 15 minutes using the formula d = r*t.

\begin{equation}\frac{15}{60} \times 7\end{equation}


It takes 1/9 of an hour to travel 10 miles to work, what is the average speed in miles/hour?

\begin{equation}9 \times 10\end{equation}


On winter day, the highest temperature was 6 degrees F, and the lowest was -9 degrees F. What is the variation in the day's temperature?



You are making candles for your friends. A mold for the candles costs $ \$5 $ and wax to make one candle costs $ \$10 $. You make 7 candles. Find total cost.

\begin{equation}5+10 \times 7\end{equation}


Degrees Celsius C can be converted to degrees Fahrenheit F using the expression (9/5)*C + 32 = F. The hottest recorded day in Place P was 7 degrees C. Convert this temperature to degrees F.

\begin{equation}\frac{9}{5} \times 7+32\end{equation}


After a recent snowfall, the snow on the ground in a shaded area is melting at a rate of 1/100 inches/minute. Currently, there are 7 inches of snow on the ground. If the snow continues melting at this rate, how much snow will be on the ground in 2 hours?

\begin{equation}7-(\frac{2 \times 60}{100})\end{equation}