Algebra-1 Problems

8.6 Motion Problems

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Bud takes a leisurely stroll. He walks at a constant rate of 2 miles per hour. Carrie starts out for a brisk walk 6 hours later. She walks at a constant rate of 6 miles per hour. How long will it take for Carrie to catch up with Bud and how far will she have walked by then?

\begin{equation}y=2(x+6)\textrm{ },\textrm{ }y=6x\end{equation}


Antonio is riding on a train. He gets up from his seat and walks forward. As he walks, he travels 67/15 miles in 2 minutes. As he walks back to his seat, he travels 21/5 miles in 2 minutes. How fast was the train moving, and how fast did Antonio walk inside the train (both in miles per hour)?

\begin{equation}\frac{2}{60} \times (x+y)=\frac{67}{15}\textrm{ },\textrm{ }\frac{2}{60} \times (x-y)=\frac{21}{5}\end{equation}


Alan has challenged Sam to a duel with water pistols at 120 feet. They start walking in opposite directions. Alan walks at 6 feet per second. Sam runs at 14 feet per second. How long will it take them to be 120 feet apart?