Algebra-1 Problems

6.8 Problem Solving: Using Equations

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The sum of a number and its square is 30. Find the number?



A rectangular counter-top has a hole drilled in it to hold a cylindrical container (a utensil holder). The area of the entire counter top is given by (4x+8)*(x+4), while the area of the hole is given by $(x+4)^{2}$. Write an expression for the area (in factored form) of the counter-top that is left after the hole is drilled.



Daphne and Stephanie have competing refreshment stand businesses. Daphne's profit can be modeled by the polynomial $x^{2} + 4x + 6$, where 'x' is the number of items sold. Stephanie's profit can be modeled by the polynomial $6x^{2} + 9x + 10$, where 'x' has the same meaning. How much more is Stephanie's profit than that of Daphne's?



Area of a circle is 361*$\pi$ sq inches. If the radius is (x - 5), what is the value of 'x'?



Area of a square is 361. If a side of the square is (7*x - 4) inches long, what is the value of 'x'?



A rectangle has one side 7 ft longer than the other, and its area is 60 $ft^{2}$. Find the length of the shorter side of the rectangle.



A triangular banner has an area of 35/2 $ft^{2}$. The height of the banner is 2 ft longer than its base. Find the base of the triangle.

\begin{equation}\frac{1}{2} \times x(x+2)=\frac{35}{2}\end{equation}