Algebra-1 Problems

3.10 Compound Phrases to Algebraic Expressions

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Write an expression for the sum of two consecutive integers, the first being 'x'.



Write an expression for the sum of two consecutive even integers, the first being the 'x'th positive even integer.



The local bank pays 12% yearly interest on deposits. The interest is added into the account at the end of the term. How much money should be invested at the beginning of the year in order to have $\$31506/5$ at the end of a year?

\begin{equation}x+x \times \frac{12}{100}=\frac{31506}{5}\end{equation}


Find the simple interest earned after 9 years on $\$3600$ invested at 5% annual interest rate.

\begin{equation}\frac{3600 \times 5}{100} \times 9\end{equation}


Ms. Miller currently owes $\$5720$ simple interest on a loan of $\$8800$ at an annual interest rate of 13%. How long has she had the loan?

\begin{equation}5720=\frac{8800 \times 13}{100} \times x\end{equation}


A triangle has sides: x ft, (x+7) ft and 3x ft. If the perimeter of the triangle is 42 ft, solve for x.



A rectangle has one side at (x+5)ft and the other side at 7x ft. If the perimeter is 122 ft, solve for x.