Algebra-1 Problems

3.4 Phrases to Algebraic Expressions

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Write the expression for: 8 times a number, plus 5



Write the expression for: 10 less than 4 times a number



Write the expression for: 3 less than 1/7 of a number (enter answer in whole fractions)



This week Candice worked 9 hours more than 9 times as many hours as last week. Let "x" be the hours worked last week. Write an expression for the hours worked this week.



The depth of the new well is 3 ft less than 5 times the depth of the old well. Let "x" be the depth of the old well. Write an expression for the depth of the new well.



A case of 11 boxes of cereal costs $\$92$. There is also a shipping cost per case. The total cost for each box of cereal is $\$9$. What is the shipping cost per case?



A rectangular garden is 38 ft longer than it is wide. The total length of the fence that surrounds the garden is 108 ft. How wide is the garden?



On a committee of 17 persons, there were 3 more women than men. How many men were on the committee?



Your friend rented a truck for $\$16$ per hour and a dolly for $\$4$ per hour. He paid a total of $\$120$ for the rental. How long did your friend rent the truck?

\begin{equation}x \times 16+x \times 4=120\end{equation}


The membership fee for joining a gardening association is $\$52$ per year. A local botanical garden charges members of the gardening association $\$3$ for admission to the garden. Non-members of the association are charged $\$35/3$. After how many visits to the garden is the total cost for the members, including membership fee, same as total cost for non-members?

\begin{equation}52+3x=\frac{35}{3} \times x\end{equation}


The sum of two angles is 228 degrees. One angle is (7*x - 6) degrees and the other angle is 6*x degrees. Write and solve an equation to find "x".



For her cellular phone service, Samantha pays $\$62$ per month, plus $\$2$ for each hour over the allowed hours of the plan. Samantha received a bill for $\$94$ last month. For how many hours did she use her phone beyond the allowed hours?



Jane has job offers at two companies. One company offers a starting salary of $\$107600$ with a raise of $\$2800$ each year. The other company offers a starting salary of $\$57200$ with a raise of $\$8400$ each year. After how many years would Jane's salary be the same with both companies?



You and 7 of your friends are going to race go-carts. The last time you went, you had a coupon for $\$4$ off each admission and paid a total of $\$56$ for everyone. This time you pay the regular price, how much does each person pay?



When Tiffany's 1st CD sold a million copies, her record label gave her a $\$172900$ bonus. She split the money evenly between herself, her agent, her producer and her stylist. How much money did each person receive?



A contractor needs to cut a piece of glass to fit a square window. The area of the window is 64 sq ft, find the length of the side of the window.



The number of chaperons at a school field trip must be 1/9 times the number of students attending, plus the 7 teacher sponsors. How many chaperons must be on the trip if there are 69 students?